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In the near future–possibly very near if Google Wallet takes off–these systems will enable wave-and-pay in stores, as well as integrating added features like in-store loyalty schemes and even direct wireless transmission of ads or small apps to the owner’s phone.What Pay Pal and Zong will be able to create is something simpler–an integrated system that replaces a credit card or even hard currency with a device as simple as a dumbphone.Users can head to to sign up and register usernames, or join Pay Pal itself.

Writing about the acquisition on the Pay Pal blog, president Scott Thompson notes that the digital goods market is currently worth $20 billion, and is poised to “grow dramatically” because “anything that can move digitally will move digitally” from music to “movies, news, books, games…” Thompson plans to use Zong to bolster its digital-goods transactions, raising it from the impressive $3.4 billion in payments it cleared through its servers in 2010.

The move positions Pay Pal nicely in a market in which much bigger players like Google, the cellphone networks, and the credit card firms themselves are all jockeying for control.

A banner stretched atop the company’s south building off Interstate 80 that reads “Pay Pal is hiring! The top Omaha-based executive with Silicon Valley-based Pay Pal said the location remains ground zero when it comes to implementing new services the company is offering.“We’ve expanded in the sense we continue to bring more products and solutions” to customers, said Linda Dugan, vice president of global operations for Pay Pal’s North America and merchant services divisions.

For example, if you’ve reached customer support for Macy’s department store’s weeks-old online payment option, chances are good you’ve spoken with a Pay Pal employee in the Omaha metro area.

Als Faustregel gilt, dass Business-Notebooks zum gleichen Preis meist schlechter ausgestattet sind als Consumer-Notebooks, etwa mit einer niedriger getakteten CPU oder einer kleineren Festplatte.

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