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Master Zen-Dao Meow featured many anthropomorphic characters; furry characters made up a sizable portion of The Dream's population, however, there were many human (as well as other types of fantasy) characters allowed in the roleplays.

Online identities are informed by off-line performances, and therefore online game spaces provide stages for performed selves.

Within the game structure, players can choose to either reinscribe or rewrite cultural narratives around gender expression.

Avatars were required to be original creations; they could not be directly taken from other fictional universes or canons.

A PG could have more than one avatar; this condition was often referred to (tongue-in-cheek) as "MAD", or Multiple Avatar Disorder.

If you are simply looking for the rules of the Role-Playing servers, please read this: included in this FAQ is a guide to Role Playing on the forums. Forum Name=wow-role-playing&Thread ID=113184 -Role Playing is when you act out a specific character In-Game or in a Role-Playing thread.

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