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This mess was proof of what Milton Friedman said in "Money Mischief. Life expectancy is perhaps the most notable single change.

One factor that influenced divorce statistics at this time was the fact that women, outside of marriage, had very few economic opportunities.

It loses 40% in an 18-month period, and for close to a decade few people want anything to do with stocks.

It shows that during the course of four decades, our lives, while similar in broad outline, have changed in a myriad subtle ways: we are living longer, being educated for longer, being alone more, taking more holidays and are healthier in some ways (fewer of us smoke) but are less healthy in others (more of us are obese).

Such are the pictures painted by Social Trends 40, the 40th anniversary of the annual social report published by the Office for National Statistics.

There were a variety of factors that influenced divorce rates.

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