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Motherhood is hands down the most wonderful, hardest, most thankless job that any human being can do.

She will want to make sure your relationship will last before making a big change in her children’s lives. It is hard balancing being a mom with work and doing it all on her own! A new mother will be even more sensitive to these things. She has made it by herself this long so let her come to you and ask you for help. Even if she is complaining about her stress and being tired don’t try to fix things for her unless she asks. If you really want to help with something, ask her first so she feels respected and included, after all it is her world. It is nice to help in little ways – make her dinner or take out the garbage.

Men often want to take care of things for their girlfriends and this is not a bad thing. As long as you are not trying to control her but you sincerely want to help she will appreciate it.

Here are a few rules that will make your relationship better and more understanding. They may feel guilty about spending time with you and not with their children.

It may take some time for them to feel okay about dating again or to warm up to you.

I recently encountered a friend who couldn’t wait to spill her current dating snafu. Until, she got a text from his other girlfriend, whom he was apparently NOT celibate with. This woman was even willing to take the cheating dude back!!!!

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