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By default, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does not use a proxy.

If configured to do so, the bottom panel will change to provide configuration options as shown below.

Use your installation account (which is a member of the admin group) or logon as root Access Synaptic Package Manager and enter this in the settings Settings - If your behind a Microsoft proxy server or need to auth. When outside the proxy network updates always fail and include a remark that indicates the proxy server address is being applied to the destination address.

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So how can I change my proxy settings without logging in (which isn't possible at the moment)?

Situation: You are inside a large (or small) corporation with a proxy server as your only access to the outside.

This setting determines whether connections to the Internet (for database and program updates) will use a proxy server in conjunction with that access. The first is to funnel all communications to and from the outside world through a single connection point, thus assuring anonymity of all computers on the corporate network. This means that any external content which had recently been requested by any user could be saved locally for some period of time, then subsequent requests by that user (or others) could use the recently-saved data.

In a home environment, only advanced users utilize proxy servers, and then on a limited basis. This method often conserves significant bandwidth, resulting in lower operating costs for companies that use this strategy.

You may specify if you will be notified if your rules database is out of date, and if so, how many days late it may be before you are notified.

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