updating zone update unsuccessful - Error validating user

by  |  15-Sep-2016 00:46

error validating user-37error validating user-37error validating user-42

These error messages indicate that something is keeping you from connecting to the secure server used for activation, even though you are on the Internet. This is common on laptops where a wireless or wired connection is possible. This error requires that you contact technical support to resolve the issue.

EQ7 error 8 is often caused by a network problem due to EQ7 trying to activate or re-validate on a disconnected or misconfigured network connection. Error code 5013 means you’ve exceeded the number of activations allowed on your EQ7 license key. Error 5016 indicates that we are having problems validating you EQ7 license key. Error 5017 indicates you are trying to activate EQ7 after having already upgraded your EQ7 license to an EQStitch one. Error 5022 indicates there is a problem with your system’s clock.

If not, an alert is displayed and focus is moved to the checkbox.

Not the prettiest solution, but functional in all browsers with Java Script enabled.

The simplest way to do this is to have the password entered twice, and then check that they are identical.

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