Who is shana moakler dating

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Shanna Moakler, at the age of 17, represented Rhode Island in the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1992.

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It has been so emotionally draining and damaging that I now understand why people commit suicide over cyberbullying." Following the scarring incident, the model reached out to Rice Gum to tell him how "wrong" the bullying was.

Unfortunately, that just made the situation worse and compelled some fans to issue threats of violence against Shanna and Travis.

"The kids' best interest is what we all have in mind – there's nothing else," the Blink 182 rocker tells PEOPLE. "I bought a home that's very close to my children's school, so when she's with the kids, she's there; when I'm with the kids, I'm there," he explains.

"There's no making them travel back and forth to different houses." Travis and Shanna finalized their divorce back in 2008, but Barker admits he's not focusing on finding love again.

But with a change of perspective, even a stressful relationship can turn into a friendship.

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