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Mel Mc Laughlin is an Australian sports presenter born on 3rd September 1979 in Sydney, Australia. Later she enrolled in the Sydney University from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

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Sarah Mc Lachlan's okay now, but when she got divorced back in 2008 it was a whole different, devastating deal.

Now that she's able to see it in a different light, she's been able to be really unfiltered about it too: "Yeah, the marriage part didn't quite work out.

Apparently that's a bit of an epidemic, so I just make light of it. "I have amazing friends, great family and two kids, so I just got out of bed everyday and kept moving forward.

CALGARY–"Not all those who wander are lost," says Brett Wilson, quoting J. 5 that's one part business, three parts psychoanalysis.

The citation is a daring, ask-me-anything come-on, quite in keeping with Wilson's on-air persona as the dragon with a heart on , the guy who can fall for the tear-streaked emotional collapse of hopeful entrepreneurs seeking a farthing or two for their fragile business start-ups.

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