Who is orlando bloom dating now

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Showing full footage start to finish, the blonde bombshell smiled as she watched herself get the cut, with the stylist taking HUGE chunks of hair from her head.

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Orlando came to support Katy and he is also a big Hillary Clinton fan," the insider shares."Orlando and Katy are pretty tight and seem to be getting serious as more time is spent with each other. They act PDA with each other when they are around close friends and on their alone time.

Her favorite quality about Orlando is how much he loves Flynn and what a great dad he is."The source adds, "Katy thinks Flynn is precious."Love is in the air, people!

From all the leaked images, it is clear that the actor really likes to flaunt his body. Well, the insider revealed that the actor wishes that his alleged girlfriend should also learn to admire her body, and if she feels comfortable then there is no problem in shedding her clothes in public. Now, as Katy Perry’s parents have officially approved Orlando Bloom, despite his nude leaks, is it possible that the couple will soon announce their relationship?

“I’ve seen Justin’s before, so maybe I was just like, you know, ‘I’ve been there, done that,’ a little bit.

She calls him her boyfriend."This all makes sense considering the amount of time they've been spending together recently.

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