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The renowned Davenport Factory of Longport, England was one of the very first to have produced it on a pearlware medium. The majority of earlier pieces have been produced on an ironstone medium which post dates pearlware.

As we approach 1890 onward into the Late Victorian and Edwardian times, flow blue was now being produced on a thin earthenware medium commonly referred to as semi-porcelain.

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The pattern is unusual in being framed by a pale blue border on flatware. Flatware with elaborate embossed floral border and scalloped edge.

Two yachts with one red, one white sail each, a yellow flag at the top of each mast, two gulls, one of them bright red (Sic.) Palissy also did a Regatta range with red, blue, etc. Washington Pottery produced a similar Blue Carribean showing a yacht with blue sails. One picture is of 2 yachts, each with one red and one grey sail; overhead fly two seaguls, one grey, one yellow. The other cameo shows a man tying a long vertical swag of yellow material, anchored with hoops to a pole topped with a fish. Young man in 18th Century knee breeches, playing a guitar to a pretty young woman in a pink bustled dress, both under a tree with pink, blue and green blobs for the foliageyoung couple in an orchard, ladder against one tree, he in green shirt, black cowboy hat, yellow necktie; she in pink dress, white apron and yellow blouse, holding a basket and picking fruit; a full basket on the ground.

It gained its greatest popularity during the mid-nineteenth century.

The heavy, durable, off-white pottery was made in white or was decorated with any of hundreds of patterns. Miles Mason, the first maker of ironstone china, decorated it to resemble porcelain patterns that were popular in England, Europe, America, and Asia. Many pieces of ironstone are unmarked, but some English and American factories included the word in their marks.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Some of the old workmen comme4ced business on their own account under the style of Locker & Co., changed in 1859 to Stevenson & Co. The Derby periods are: Chelsea Derby, 1769-84, dis- tinguished by the first four marks ; Crown Derby, 1773-82—1782-1831 — the next six marks, with the crossed swords added to the Crown and D; Duesbury & Kean, 1795, bearing the next three ; Bloor, 1815-81, the succeeding six marks; Late Crown Derby, 1831. Litherland and John Mclnnes 15 formed a company for the manufacture of china at Derby under the style of •* The Crown Derby Porcelain Co/' In 1891 the privilege of adding the word " Royal ' ' to the title was granted them. ^5seiipor/ -pf^NPoi^^ -s,o^^GP05^ hjf 'vp JDf DAVENPORT l ONGPORT DAVENPOKT LONCf POKT »r Arroii»s Mt»c JOHN EDWARDS.

Dating alfred meakin marks

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