Ga custody and dating laws

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While grandparents and others may seek custody, there is a presumption in favor of the natural parents.This section is designed to give you a general knowledge of the issues involved in determining the parties custody and visitation rights. In the event that you have a highly volatile, hostile or contested custody issue you should seek out a lawyer to represent you.

In order to create a plan that works, you must work together. Co-parenting includes coordinating your schedules and those of the children, working together for visitation exchange, working out holidays and making collaborative decisions regarding the children. Remember, parents who created a visitation schedule jointly are more likely to comply with it than if a plan is imposed upon them by a third party.

Although we would prefer that you consider co-parenting exclusively because it is the right thing to do and is in the best interest of your children, in case any extra motivation is needed, remember that co-parenting is a factor in determining custody. Finally, remember that after a divorce or custody dispute, parents often find it difficult to work together in order to effectively co-parent their children. If parents allow their anger or distaste for one another to outweigh their love and affection for their children, disaster may result.

Additionally, if the other parent is using the services of an attorney, it is advisable that you also have an attorney.

Jurisdiction Jurisdiction is the imaginary fence that separates the subjects one court hears from another.

For example, if one parent has a history of abusing the child, the court will place physical custody with the other parent, with restricted visitation, and give her full decision-making authority as well.

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