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The current components are (more will come in future versions): Version 0.1 has been all about role and capability management, but that’s just the beginning. Use my support forums at Theme Hybrid, which is where I handle all support questions for my Word Press projects.

You can also download the entire custom post type file that includes the code mentioned here.

This is the visual output as is in testing today (please see the second tutorial for the code on outputting the design): Whilst this tutorial shows all the code, I’ll go over the “default” parts quite quickly and then focus on any code relating to the actual Events component. Before hitting the code, it’s important to understand what you really need so that you can strive towards the simplest end solution.

As such, whilst the end user will see 4 fields, we’re only storing 2 fields (thus my custom post type will only require those 2 extra custom fields). There are plenty of event plug-ins out there with advanced functionality (recurrence, rsvp, paypal, etc.).

I’ll leave those awesome things to the plug-in designers, there’s absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel there.

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