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Vaimo helps clients all over the world to achieve e Commerce success.

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But they do have some fun, making a Curator’s Creation special every month.

Every day more than two hundred and forty thousand merchants trust Magento to sell their products and services to millions of online store visitors.

Businesses turn to Vaimo for e Commerce-based best practices that are as local as their nearest customer and as global as their aspiration. We deliver Magento as a complete service with everything from advising on strategy, design, development, cloud services, support, payment solutions, customisations and integration with business systems.

Highlights include Montanus’ double hemisphere 1571, the earliest map to show Australia in a shape and location approximating its actual state, published 30 years prior to recorded European discoveries; Ortelius’ map "Maris Pacifici" 1589, the 1st edition of the 1st map devoted to the Pacific Ocean; De Bry 1598, an important foundation map, one of the 1st detailed European maps to focus on southern Malaysia and the region around present-day Singapore; Blaeu 1642-50, the 1st popular map to depict Australia; Hondius 1633, one the 1st charts to correctly locate the Australian coasts; Merian 1646; Mariette 1646; Jansson 1650; Nicolosi 1653; Thevenot 1663, the 1st engraved map devoted solely to the Australian continent; Goos 1666; Visscher 1670; Seller 1670; Du Val 1677; Seyfried 1679; Jansson c 1680, the 1st to include Tasman's discoveries of 1642; De Wit 1680; Vignola 1683; Coronelli 1696; Mortier 1700; Moll 1717, one of the 1st maps devoted to the continent of Australia in English; Valentyn /van Braam 1724-6; Seutter 1730; Bowen 1744; Cook 1773; Zatta 1776-9; Bligh 1789; Schraembl (after Djurberg) 1789; Wilkinson 1798; Freycinet 1808, the 1st map published showing virtually the entire Australian coastline based on actual charting and not conjecture; Laurie & Whittle 1798, perhaps the 1st printed chart to correctly draw Bass Straits; Poirson 1808, possibly the earliest map to show Baudin's explorations; Lapie 1809; Freycinet 1812; Arrowsmith 1838-61; John Lort Stokes 1843-51; Tallis 1851; Proeschel 1863, from a scarce and important Australian-published atlas; Petermann 1871.

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