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I hurt myself a lot from cheating, not least because I realised in that moment that if I could love someone and cheat on them, the same could happen to me, so I’ve had that kicking around in my head for the rest of my life.“I think she [her ex girlfriend] wasn’t being honest with herself – she made out like she was very spiritual and stuff.I've just listened to Barry Mc Guire's original lead vocal - and a more wretched effort I've rarely heard!

Comedy-based violence includes people being killed by various means, while slapstick style material is also present, including people striking others with various objects.

Lorde has taken to the internet to quietly open up about her latest single and her thoughts behind the lyrics.

“I think almost anyone is capable of cheating, and you just have to decide,” she shrugs.

“Having cheated before, it made me understand how damaging it is.

I found myself missing her while we were right next to one another.” Admitting it was essentially a “f*** you” to her ex by having her current girlfriend in the video, she says she needed to do it to get it off her chest.

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