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Of course, the first decades are piled up compilations, but there might be a couple live recordings lost in the rest.

HOSOI NEWS – Quiksilver has announced that the legendary Christian Hosoi and the rest of the Quiksilver skate team will tour the country premiering the new documentary ‘Rising Son, The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi.’ The eight-city tour will feature free theater and outdoor screenings of the film as well as demos and signings by Hosoi, Arto Saari, Stefan Janoski, Omar Hassan, Reese Forbes, Kyle Leeper, Dylan Reider, Omar Salazar, Eric Fletcher, and others. Foundation: Angel Ramirez, Corey Duffel, Mike Franklin, Matt Allen, Sean Conover, Don Nguyen, Gareth Stehr…

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Most importantly, this will be the first time fans will be able to view ‘Rising Son, The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi’ and experience this inside look into the rise, fall and rebirth of a true skateboarding pioneer and legend. The Girl board crew claimed team honors and $30,000 while Real’s Nick Dompierre won $5,000 as top am and Girl’s Rick Mc Crank was named the top pro of the Showdown and pocketed $10,000. The Vans Downtown Showdown is made possible by Rockstar Energy Drink and Scion.

Directed by Cesario ‘Block’ Montano, written by Peter Alton, and narrated by Dennis Hopper, the 90 minute film will be released on DVD in November and will be available in skate shops, video stores, and other better entertainment distributors around the world. Tour cities and dates include: August 17 – Quiksilver Headquarters, Huntington Beach (Demo and Premiere) August 19 – Wilson Skate Park, Chicago (Demo) August 20 – River East Arts Center, Chicago (Premiere) August 22 – Mt. The Vans Downtown Showdown featured many skaters who rarely take part in contests from Baker, Birdhouse, Element, Enjoi, Foundation, Girl, Real and Toy Machine and with the $85,000 purse, there was more than just board company honor on the line. com DOGTOWN MOVIE SCREENING – Sept 30 – Screening of Dogtown and Z-Boys @ Carpinteria Arts Center – Carpinteria, CA DOWN FOR LIFE – a letter from Brian Kelly – Alabama skateboarding Pro Legend Pat Wachter contacted me about sponsoring a ‘Pro-Contest’ at Veterans Skate Park in Alabaster, Alabama.

For someone whose life is centered around music as much as mine, I probably knew far more about Andy Warhol from his record covers (the banana, the zipper, etc.) than either his acknowledged masterworks (the Campbell’s soup can, Mao, Marilyn) or film work (even though, like most people, I knew the Paul Morrissey films credited to Andy Warhol rather than the actual films like , the soundtrack to Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s final film, has always been a favorite of mine and something that I think – knowing a little more now than I did then – ranks among the very best in Warhol’s more erotically-charged work.

After discovering a Warhol-designed album for Paul Anka in 1996, Paul Maréchal, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal, began a quest to discover all of the record covers Warhol had created or had some part in.

I managed to find the book in format, and I further managed to find a reader for such e-book format. Thought I'd do this: I've written down the list already. I've decided to present the entries as Artist name | Album title | Catalogue number; and at the moment I'm going through the list checking all entries to break down the multiple entries and correcting the occasional catalogue number errors or mentioning that I didn't find this particular entries online.

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