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(You'd be shocked at how well New York City walkers can ignore a double-decker bus blasting hip-hop.) Rather, a lot of people met Joey earlier this year as a character named Leon on the critically-acclaimed hacker drama presented an exciting idea for T. By season's end, not only did we discover Elliott had confused his own sister for a love interest, but that his trusty accomplice, the titular Mr.

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Aside from Kanye West's controversial video for his single "Famous," the idea of a video release as an event is practically nonexistent in 2016.

Apparently no one told that to Joey Bada$$, the 21-year-old rapper who recently made the most of his "Devastated" video release by renting a double-decker bus and playing the video on the side of it in various locations across New York City.

As four men attempt to rape Elliott, Leon swoops in Batman-style to save the day, cutting the necks of the men just in time to save Elliott.

No problem -- the show's official Twitter account just posted the first episode.

The good news continues this week because starting today USA Now is available on Roku players and Roku TV models in the US!

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