Updating computer processor

by  |  19-Jul-2017 14:45

In order to upgrade your CPU you will need to know two things about your motherboard: its CPU socket and its maximum external clock rate (a.k.a.

We’ve got this second on the list, but if you’re a serious gamer then it should probably be the first thing you upgrade.

If you aren’t a serious gamer, 3D modeler, or 3D animator, then you probably won’t ever need to upgrade it at all.

Every Windows machine eventually shows signs of degrading performance.

Ashampoo's Win Optimizer 11 promises to be "the tuning specialist for your PC" and it's free with our rewards program., but nothing seems to be working. Which upgrades will give you the best bang for your buck, and which are a waste of time?

Consoles need an entire hardware overhaul every few years.

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