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The Republican Party seemed most likely to accept his principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government.

Cox plans to focus mostly on fiscal issues where there is the most consensus within the Republican Party, but he also notes that most of the perceived conflict between libertarians and conservatives can be avoided by emphasizing two points on cultural matters that most evangelical Christians can agree on.

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by Eric Shierman Thomas Cox is the Republican Party’s nominee for Oregon State Treasurer.

Better known that most candidates for this often obscure but important position, Cox made his name not as a Republican, but as the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2002 where he waged one of the most successful third party Oregon State races in recent memory.

Then, for job related reasons, my new husband and I had to spend 6 months living apart.

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The VPD is hoping that its guidelines will change that and lead to greater mutual respect."Sex workers' safety is our priority," the video emphasizes.

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