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For the most part, everyone is still sticking to their "own kind." Is this intentional segregation or just cultural tradition? But one thing remains certain: Every interracial couple entering into a serious relationship knows what struggles lie ahead.

Maybe that 93 percent would just rather avoid them. I'm white, and I lead a very happy life with my black husband.

Still, we experience little daily reminders of just how far we have yet to go to reach complete acceptance in this country -- a raised eyebrow here, a snarky comment there, just enough to remind us that we're still discriminated against.

And we've got it easy compared to most: Had we been born at different times and in different states, we'd never have had a chance.

The miscegenation of our society may seem to be growing at a steady rate based on how often we've been talking about race lately. Interracial relationships represent approximately seven percent of couples in the country, which is incredible progress considering they represented just .07 percent in 1960.

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