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However, it's worth taking the time to protect yourself from online scammers and sex offenders.Be aware of the risks which are involved, 70% of which are targeted at women, half of whom are over age 40.

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It can also include the various functions and features that you use, such as the connections you make, other friends or contacts you invite to the Services and profile searches you perform, or your use of our applications.c. When you upload photos, videos or other content to the Services, we may collect information about the content, such as the time, date and place the photo, video or content was taken or uploaded, and how you use them, who views them or with whom you share. When you access our Services using a mobile device, we may also receive or collect identification numbers associated with your device (such as a UDID, IDFA, Google Ad ID and Windows Advertising ID), mobile carrier, device type, model and manufacturer, mobile device operating system brand and model, phone number, and, if you have enabled features and functions of the Services that use your device’s location, your geographical location data (including GPS).

We also collect information about your usage of, and activity on, our Services.

Also, some of the information we collect, for example an IP address, can sometimes be used to approximate a device’s location.

We may work with third parties to employ technologies, including the application of statistical modeling tools, which attempt to recognize you across multiple devices so that we understand how you use our Service across various devices.e. We and our third party partners may use cookies and similar technologies, including those from third parties, to collect, analyze and store information, to provide customized advertising on our site and on other sites around the Web, to provide and improve the Services or other products or services offered by the Company, and to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

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