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Summary: Use the Administrative Restore page in Central Administration to restore Project Server 2013 objects.This article describes how to restore specific project items in Project Web App.

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Hi, I've set up a report (using Direct Query on an Azure SQL database) and published it to Power BI Service.

In the settings, I have scheduled it to refresh every 15 minutes, which I had assumed would trigger the visuals to update every 15 minutes with the latest data, however after a couple of hours they are still not auto-updating.

If I click refresh manually then the visuals do refresh, however that's not what I'm looking for as what we're trying to set up is a screen on the wall that updates automatically at regular intervals.

From my description above, is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? version 16.0.4573.1000 Improvements and fixes version 16.0.4561.1000 Improvements and fixes Assume that you create a Share Point Tasks List in Project Online.

Pwa physical not updating

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