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Tropes get repeated over and over again throughout spec fic, and usually that’s fine. Others are just lazy writing, sacrificing believability for narrative convenience. Fear not, there’s always a way out, no matter how entrenched the trope seems.

Let’s The human face is very expressive, and over millennia of evolution, we have learned to recognize body language. If their gaze darts back and forth, it means they’re nervous.

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And so we trust the word that your spirit will do just that as Candice and I offer ourselves to be your tools this morning is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Otherwise you would see them running to the front of the room. We've got to make sure we're clear on what we are talking about and what we are discussing. So we build this little step ladder and I don't know baby if you want to talk about this a little bit or you good as an expert. I like this person when really we mean we chatted or I'm interested but really you may be at the other end where you're like you really are in the dispersant. And I remember going again from that time that I talked to my mother in law after we got married my mother in law said you know when Candace came back from Minnesota her and my in my sister in law they were talking in her like Oh there is This Guy Sebastian that under the ground. It's OK to be drawn to them and we want to give you terms so that you can name it and once you can name it and once you can define it. You can acknowledge what's going on and you can say look I can take responsibility for what's happening and are able to think lucidly through my own emotions. He wanted to make sure that if she can just be a Canaanite woman because his father told him. It was not the only thing that Jacob was concerned with Oh she's beautiful.

She had appendicitis and then that was it hearing to her fallopian tubes she was in a lot of pain on the final she had a hernia when they went in. So we can just give her a hand if you see me taking a little seat back you know why I'm not passing out we're not about to do a skit. That is so intriguing that can be so passionate and bring a lot of energy and fervor to our lives but we want Jesus to be a part of that we want you to be the author of our story. Nonprofit work in all that kind of stuff and I'm also a husband and a father of three kids my kids are not here. I'm already beginning to see them in the middle of the desk here. We wanted to start and we call this in our advising loves beginning attraction in dating and my wife and I have a very unique story which we'll get to later on in the seminar but we wanted to at least begin. So the first thing is we need to define the terms that we're working with right we're talking about attraction in dating. Now obviously after that we go into the issue of love. You have to recognise where you are on this continuum in your relationship with that person and we have to differentiate these and then you have liking a person in an obviously you and at the point of love which is very very critical. Just want to say that many times we use these terms interchangeably right. And at the time I wasn't interested in that I was all about Jesus coming soon. I'm going to go to have been translated without marriage and so I ended up not trying to be rude and so I shook their hands and said hello and asked where they were from. That Jacob didn't just say Oh she's pretty you know he asked what who's house are you from. No he wanted to know that she was of that same family that his father told him.

This first session is about dealing with struggles of attraction, interest, and liking someone. What if I like someone who’s not good for me emotionally or spiritually? The ideas in this recording are those of its contributors and may not necessarily reflect the views of Audio Verse. It's to talk about every phase of a relationship in terms of beginning attraction that initial interest all the way doubts of parenting anniversaries and marriage and all that stuff because we have three in a kid on the way as well. You're drawn to talk to them and if we don't put this in its proper place. Where did you come from what are you trying to do what are your aspirations and in these particular elements we build upon these points. Story when I actually met my wife and you wife see in Minnesota two thousand and seven. Apparently I met her before that just did a little before there was no liking in change such actually and I think it's so I remember seeing Reggie Y. Now there's four key takeaways that we want you to walk away from in this seminar. Christ way we kind of get a little uncomfortable when the word attraction comes in because because it's not really deemed as being something that's like holy you know but actually it is Biblical it's OK it's not it's not the thing itself but really it's how we handle it. And a big a big part of this especially for guys is that sometimes we don't want to be seen right when we're trying to be in ministry and maintain our spiritual giant image right on super holy and super pure so high sister only shake hands. Because you know that people in your church are always trying to look people up and not telling the truth or what about that brother what about that sister. That we want to take as all to remember and take away from this is that a way that we can manage the checks and or handle it responsibly is remember the attraction is not in the driver's seat. We kind of allow it to take to take control or to take leadership in how we engage with the other person that we have this this affinity to. That's catapulting over and I think we should move on.

Free sharing permitted under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (US) license. Yeah OK well first of all just want to say thank you for coming. We are not by any means experts on the topic of relationships every relationship is different because every individual is unique and the coming together of two unique individuals is something that no one can really see what's going to come out of that and so our goal is really to accomplish two basic things in this seminar. My wife actually is almost done with her master's in marriage or family therapy. On the tracks you can be based on a lot of different things but the very core principle of attraction is that you are drawn to a person's company you're drawn to interact with them. What you do what do you like what's your what's your religious experience. So you see that emotion there with the hearts and the audience right. When you begin to know a lot about a person and you say you know what I prefer the company of this individual you like them right. Not just in get they mean different things and there's a different intensity and. Meeting behind it and you know just a share of her. Alister we had found out that Allister had a medical condition. He was one of the main people to help us get stride started. That we'd like for you to realize that attraction is little cool I know sometimes when we think about attraction especially is young people that are trying to do things. That's what they think he'll do you think the same thing too. I came to the side in the in the mothers of the church and my brother Sebastian you are good. You talk to all those young ladies and it was the same period of time every young woman we were watching the scene when you talked to the long. Now we'll talk a little bit later about some contingencies on that so managing attraction is managing a she actually responsibly is really what matters which takes us to our next point.

It's an attempt to give a moral backing to the pulling down of distinctions, honours, customs and traditions in the old society, which is being overthrown.

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