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'It was strange at first, seeing Harry wearing an adult nappy rather than his usual attire of skinny jeans.

The idea of it should have put Louis off their arrangement, but instead it made him have a small clump of butterflies in the centre of his stomach, a flutter of unusual excitement only spurring him on to become more into the new kink.

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In another scene, Ethan and Max (Fred Savage), his best friend and agent, play an intense game of tennis, punctuated by over-the-top, guttural exclamations with every forceful return.

Ethan and Sam’s clandestine affair constitutes the primary relationship in the series, but Stoller and co-creator Francesca Delblanco bring out a variety of shades in the other characters and their own desires.

It’s a moment that confronts an illusion that both Sam and especially Ethan have bought into over their years of meeting in Chicago hotel rooms for illicit thrills, a belief that their desire to be with one another is somehow separate from their regular lives and not a direct result of their uncertainty or boredom with their everyday existence.

And much of what Nicholas Stoller‘s often uproarious miniseries circles around throughout its eight episodes is a simultaneous denial and indulgence of the competitive, immature id in people who take great pride in their belief that they are “adults.” Stoller pitches much of these outbursts and fractures in the mature facades of Sam, Lisa, and Ethan, as well as fellow college friends Marianne, Nick, and Max, as an inability to let go of the grudges, one-upsmanship, and early personas they adopted in college.

The director, who has shown a knack for darker show-business comedy fare in , underlines that in a series of images and scenes that depict adult behavior and undermine it at the same time.

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