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On their quest they encounter werewolves, porn stars, eccentric shut-ins, bank robbers, and many more women.

When Mark is just about to learn something new about women, the story takes a turn for the worse and he ends most episodes almost as confused as he begins them.

However, he learns during the episode that he was actually chatting to a woman called Harriet from Gloucester who was posing as the ‘Roar’ singer.

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, a Canadian half-hour animated comedy, is the story of Mark Dexler, a 25-year-old guy in desperate need of dating advice.

Mark is a handsome young advertising agency employee with the prospects of making an excellent boyfriend.

“I just got to a point to where I couldn’t imagine not talking to you.

I’ve been through some tough times throughout the time we’ve been talking the past six years.

has taken the internet by storm since making his debut on Monday night's premiere.

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