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by  |  21-Jan-2017 15:53

For prepping for this upgrade I ran a bunch of installs and test upgrades over the weekend and we too backups. We have a SQL Server full backup that was taken when the TFS server was off, that is to prevent the need for marked transaction logging for a possible restore if anything goes wrong.We also took a snapshot of the TFS application tier to enable a much quicker re-configuration of TFS 2013.

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This customer does not have huge TFS databases with only circa 9GB of data in their only configuration database so this should not take long.

But remember, there are significant schema changes in TFS 2015 and you will need at least the same amount of free space as data that you have in TFS.

Depending on the process you follow and the artifacts you store in TFS this can be a small or a large amount.

In any case, the data you gather, is stored and will be stored in TFS for the rest of your days.

Process Olap(Boolean schema Updated, Update Status Store update Status) at Microsoft.

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