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So either this is lies, or the information is so new that my Teachers and Professors don't know about it yet!

Well No, though it may be comforting to believe that your Teachers and Professors are of sufficient character that they would not lie to you, the facts do not support that conclusion.

Landmark amendments to animal protection laws, which has been approved by the Legislative Yuan - the lawmaking branch of the Taiwanese government - will see those found guilty being named and shamed and facing fines of up to 250,000 Taiwan new dollars (£6,500).

Those charged with intentionally harming or torturing animals could meanwhile be jailed for up to two years and fined two million Taiwan new dollars (£52,000) while tougher sanctions will apply for repeat offenders.

But Whites remain incredulous, they say: this is simply Blacks with no accomplishments, trying to steal White accomplishment and history!

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