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Unusual words on put & take: Pool, San Farian, Grab, In, Out, Tak All, and Put All. (Click here for more information about the musical piece.) Players ante into a pot and take turns spinning the top. If the top lands with T1 showing (or "take one"), T2 or T3, the player who spun it would win (take) 1, 2 or 3 chips, respectively, from the pot. RIGHT-CLICK THE MUSIC NOTES so that while you are viewing this page, you will be entertained by hearing the 1929 "Put and Take" jazz-swing musical composition performed by Joe Venuti's Blue Four, Eddie Lang on guitar. If it landed P1 (or "put one"), P2 or P3, he would lose (put) 1, 2 or 3 of his chips, respectively, into the pot.

The Timaru Post Office is 95956 of the Industria Series and is circa 1905-1910.

It was after January 1907 that it was no longer required to use the French Carte Postale and this card includes the French., 14 April 1879, Page 2 The postal district of Timaru shall extend from the Waitaki River to the river Rangitata, and include all sub-offices now established within the Counties of, Waimate and Geraldine.

Spode II continued the research his father had begun into bone-ash porcelain.

Potteries had experimented with adding burnt animal bone to their porcelain for a few decades, but Spode II perfected the proportions of this mix between 17.

Mr Allen said that in spite of the internet, television and other forms of communication the letter was not dead but growing in volume, and that would continue as long as people communicated with friends or customers.

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