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/** * Defines message providers (types of messages being sent) * * @package mod-forum * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas @license GPL v3 or later */ Different default site settings can be stored in file /local/

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In Honshu, Japan, stands one of the country's oldest and holiest Shinto shrines--the Ishi-no-Hoden megalith.

Carved from a single rock and weighing roughly 500 tons, it appears to hover over a pool of water, and according to Japanese legend, it was built to depict a sky ship made of stone that the ancient people witnessed descending from the heavens.

A bizarre geographic anomaly discovered off the coast of Malibu in the seventies has fascinated Rob since he was child.

Wildcard subdomains are useful to allow end users of a domain-based Word Press multisite network to create new sites on demand.

Is it possible that this monster was actually a misinterpreted alien craft?

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