Adult texting chat sites no sign up - Row cannot be located for updating sql server

by  |  15-Jul-2016 08:34

But its also saying "Row cannot be located for updating. Maybe that is the reason it cannot update the table.Some values may have been canged since it was last read." :) No his procedure starts with a command button called cmd Add. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\ams\Attendancedb.mdb; Jet OLEDB: Database Password=" Adodc1. I have simply introduced a primary key as Sr No but getting the same error. My Lectures Attended table is supposed to be a weak entity. The very first time when i have only 1 subject its adding the attendance.. Primary keys does not solve problem, you need Unique Column in database.

Hey can anyone tell me what is this error all about?

"Key column information is insufficient or incorrect.

The client side is vb6 and using Dcom dll's hosted on the db server. My first guess is that something is wrong with your code, or possibly your data. We understand that you've got a problem, and that your problem involves two different vehicles made in two different years, but we don't understand exactly what you've tried, what results you've gotten, and what you expected.

I have a table which has oninsert trigger When the recordset is updated in the com class it throws the foll error : "Row cannot be located for updating. What you've done in this post is something like saying "My screwdriver works in my 2000 Toyota, but not in my 2005 Toyota. In other words, we have almost nothing to work with when we try to help you.

Is there text in the combo boxes before the sql is called? Record Source = "select Roll No, Name, " cmb Month. That a way that SQL distinct rows with same values and rest of code should work... Move Next and applying same changes or use UPDATE SQL syntax for updating all records that match criteria.

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