Is bow wow and angela simmons still dating

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SEE ALSO: Bow Wow Announced Name Change To Shad Moss Sources say the two were spotted at Wendy Williams 50th birthday party and even recently went on a vacation together.

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In an interview with Giant magazine, the young rapper declared his adoration for the young daughter of Rev.

Run, calling her the "love of my life.""Angela Simmons is the love of my life.

The ex’s name is Brenn Colleen and it seems that she and Angie have gone “Two Can Play That Game” on TK’s ass and put him on blast together. On Brenn’s private myspace page: It’s a photo of Brenn (left), Angela, and a friend…in a photo album titled “Exposed” (NO PUN INTENDED).

The caption under the pic reads “So hard to lose when all we do is win”…In another pic, Brenn giving the middle finger to the camera which I’m sure was aimed at TK.

They had an extremely public relationship back in 2005 (on the cover of magazines together, making songs as a couple, hitting the red carpets) but ended up having an equally public breakup when they split in 2006.

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