Bind dynamic updating zone records

by  |  27-Jan-2017 13:17

i'm trying to dynamically update DNS records when DHCP give out addresses.but even though I have specified allow-update with a key in /etc/bind/local and specified the same key in /etc/dhcp/ i also tried to set a ip address in allow update instead, but this doesen't seem to work either. tail -f /var/log/syslog client update 'dirks.crtn/IN' denied due to allow-query dhcpd: unable to add forward map from sysadmin.

bind dynamic updating zone records-16

This is a good idea if the update requests are potentially longer than 512 bytes, which is often the case.

The second option "-k" is to specify where the encryption key files are to be found.

It is used to make edits on a dynamic DNS without the need to edit zone files and restart the DNS server.

If you have declared a zone dynamic, this is the way that you should be making edits.

If you start out simple, you can build something into anything you desire. It started out as a Proof of Concept and later was developed into a fully functional PHP dynamic domain name update tool for Bind, Bind9 and/or Named.

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