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Anonymous matching is a matchmaking method facilitated by computer databases, in which each user confidentially selects people they are interested in dating and the computer identifies and reports matches to pairs of users who share a mutual attraction.

Protocols for anonymous matchmaking date back to the 1980s, and one of the earliest papers on the topic is by Baldwin and Gramlich, published in 1985.

United States Patent 5,950,200 points out several potential flaws in traditional courtship and in conventional dating systems in which strangers meet online, promoting anonymous matching of friends and acquaintances as a better alternative: Human relationships are often fraught with difficulties. Often, even when two people want to initiate first steps in a relationship, neither person takes action because of shyness, fear of rejection, or other societal pressures or constraints.

Anonymous dating help

The truth is though, love isn't like an algebra equation that can be solved, and joining a dating service isn't a declaration that you need help because you can't find love in the 'real world'.

In fact, online dating can't even guarantee that you'll find love at all; it’s simply another means of meeting someone.

Think of all the dumb stuff you’ve done in your life. Sure, you might not be beating yourself up about it years later, but if you had another chance at reliving that moment with what you know now, what choice would you make? It’s fairly likely that, if you’re giving it an honest shot, you’ve hit your share of duds along the way.

Is there anything in that pile that you wished you hadn’t done? Some dates in your memory might not be all that bad, allowing you to sleep at night. For some others, you might wish you had that While we can’t remove the memory of a bad date, the Hushed burner number app can offer you some peace of mind.

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