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Aunque la resolución de partida ya es elevada descubrirás que algunas salas incluyen el icono “HD” (High Definition).Hi, I am doing some research on IBM Cloud Object Storage.Sue P Hi Sue, Thanks for the Redbooks documentation.

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However, I can't seem to find documentation in deploying and configuring IBM Cloud Object Storage Manager, Accesser and Slicestor, as well as IBM Hardware models and their related documentations to be used in IBM Cloud Object Storage environment.

I would appreciate if you could advise where I could download these documentations.

I am more specifically searching for IBM Cloud Object Storage deployment documentations for IBM Cloud Object Storage Manager, Accesser, Slicestor, as well as documentations for IBM Hardware to be used in this environment.

I would greatly appreciate your advise to direct me in downloading these documentations, if it is available from IBM public site.

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