Computer clock not updating dst

by  |  31-Jan-2017 18:39

For users who do not want to enable location services, in situations where the Mac is not accessing the internet, or for whatever reason just don’t want to use the recommended automatic time detection settings (maybe you’re building a time machine?

How exciting), you can also manually set the clock and date and time yourself in Mac OS X.

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We've just had a daylight saving change over here in NZ and some of my servers haven't changed over. I tried changing the other machines manually but after a few minutes the time jumped back 1 hour. I read somewhere that the other machines in the domain sync to the PDC. Windows Server 2003 doesn't seem to log anything about when the time on the server has changed.

I've syncronised the PDC with an NTP server which is working. but unfortunately doesn't state which countries are affected.

While having the clock off may not sound like a big deal, it can lead to all sorts of frustrating issues, from some apps not working, to an inability to install OS X due to verification errors, to “connection not private” errors in web browsers, to a variety of other nuisances.

Fortunately, fixing the Mac clock if it’s showing an incorrect time is quite simple, as we’ll demonstrate in this walkthrough.

Check Windows Update from the affected machines to see if anything's missing.

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