Dns server not updating web address

by  |  22-Mar-2017 10:44

dns server not updating web address-66

You can set the TTL value on your A records for your domain.

Sometimes the default can be very high - I have seen them set for several days.

What do I have to do to get the domain controller to pick up on the change? I should also mention that the to the old internal IP address but returns 'could not find host movedsite.com'. Meaning is your AD domain the same as your external?

If so, you'll need to manually update the www record in DNS internally to the new IP.

After I changed the DNS settings of the domain to point to my virtual server, I opened my cmd and typed "ipconfig /flushdns" like I did several times before to get the new IP. It won't go back to the authoritative name servers for and see if there is a new IP address until that time expires - in about 3.7 hours.

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