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Favorite music: Digital Underground, Blind Melon, Modest Mouse, and pretty much anything but country (gross! Ideal first date: First, you'd come to my colony and meet the whole gang. Pet peeves: I'm so sick of being called the "poor man's lobster". My biggest secret: I know it's taboo, but I have no problem eating a diving duck whole. Favorite music: Thelonious Monk, Phish, and Jesus Jones. Kakapo Interests: Staying alive, removal from the "critically endangered" list, climbing trees, not flying, and searching for a purpose.We'd grab some tubers and gnaw on those for a bit, to get some energy for all the tunnel making we'd do later (wink wink). You know lobsters used to only be eaten by the poor man, right? First thing people notice about me: My bright feathers and general lack of any evolved traits that could protect me in the wild; I'm a large walking bird that can't fly.This was the 3rd time my wife and I have "seen" this song together, the other two being at crucial points in my life—and in the evolution of the band. The first time my wife and I saw "Wading" was in Coventry, in August of 2004. I was living in Florida and working on a campaign, she was still in DC.

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Page cried just trying to sing the first lines to "Wading." So did we.

The emotional intensity of that weekend for us (and so many others) wasn't so much because Phish was over—it's how it ended that really hurt. We were saying goodbye to an era we loved, but we also all knew that we were leaving things in a disastrous state. We knew that their last show was a disaster, we knew that Trey was not well—exemplified by the fact that he told the same story 3 times (not in typical ironic Phish fashion), among other things. Fast-forward almost 6 years from Coventry, to June 18, 2010.

After you're all smitten with weird turkey feelings, I'll try to mate with you and every other female in the area. Five things I can't do without: The berries of Borneo, water to swim in, my group, a copy of Kafka's Metamorphosis, and the IUCN trying to get us off that endangered species list (big up! There are only around 220 of us left in the wild so, you know, any day I don't perish is great.

During the Hampton webcast on Friday night, I had the pleasure of watching the band play "Wading in the Velvet Sea" with my wife (while our 5 week old slept nearby) in the 2nd set.

In the 2nd set, they started up "Wading." My wife and I—now happily married after our 2004 breakup, having moved around the country and now living an amazing life together—went down into the aisles in the pavilion and danced together to the song. The band was back, happy and healthy—and so were we.

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