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I usually just leave this at the default (unless I’m preparing to install AD into the zone) and click on the Next button. Using the Action menu, select to create a new A Record, CNAME, etc.

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Once you see the domain name in DNS Manager, double-click on it. Click Continue creating your records until they’re all built and go ahead and take this time to test them as well, as they’re being created.

I usually like to run a flushdns between each creation/change: At the DNS Manager screen, right-click (control-click if you’re using a Mac) on the name of the server and then click on Properties.

For example,, could both point to the primary server where the mail server and the business intranet reside, and the domain could be

It's easy to remember that these two services are running on the same machine whose IP address is

The most well known program in BIND is named, the daemon that responds to DNS queries from remote machines.

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