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She played reporter Lois Lane in the 2013 superhero film Man of Steel and a troubled con artist in David O.

Russell's film American Hustle; for the latter, she won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

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The film opens in an animated kingdom, where the princess Giselle (a cross between Cinderella and Snow White) talks to animals, sings exquisitely, and passively longs to find a handsome prince.

This sylvan setting, with soaring heavenly voices on the soundtrack, trilling bluebirds darting around Giselle, and a wistful song, True Love's Kiss, that belongs in a 19th-century operetta, is pure parody – a sly dig at Disney's musty conventions.

She recently started filming Justice League, in which she is reprising her role as Lois Lane and can next be seen in alien drama Arrival, which hits cinemas on November 11 and also stars Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

and it seems, to celebrate such a landmark, the planned sequel has landed a director.

The 'Enchanted' sequel will reportedly be called 'Disenchanted'.

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