Updating zone update unsuccessful abisha uhl dating

by  |  05-Oct-2016 01:39

I have the feeling I'm missing something basic, but I can't figure out what it is. Here are my config files, and other info: $ORIGIN .

I feel like the differences are trivial enough to not make a difference in functionality, but of course, I'm far from an expert.

But the server decided the address was in use, since there was an active lease. I can come up with a method that is reliable enough for me, but I'd guess from the lack of this feature, and the discussion here of client id's, that there isn't a way that's reliable in general.

There are all kinds of oddball scenarios even I can come up with (switching ethernet cards between machines, two clients with same hostname, ...).

And the deletions above represent the expiry of the old lease?

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