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Apparently there was some back and forth about some fossils with Carl Zimmer.Anyway, Don Prothero commented about it and this is a great quote for a variety of reasons.

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That rock layer is x millions of years old because of the fossils in it.

As Prothero explains so clearly, that is not how index fossils work.

The study authors wrote, “The combination of these two determinations indicates that the porphyrins [dark red pigments] are derived from the oxygen-carrying heme moiety of hemoglobin”—real blood.

Secular researchers have detected hemoglobin remnants like these in several other species, including tyrannosaur, hadrosaur, and mosasaur fossils.

They dated the fossil based on the assumed age of the Kishenehn Formation where it was found, assigning it an age of 46 million years.

Fossildating com

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