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O’Brien — who ran several businesses after a string of arrests that landed him in jail for eight years — was cast as a charming Harlem gangster.

The movie has not been released, but Guarriello said he had hoped to include O'Brien in other upcoming projects. "It wasn't like he lost his talent." In “The Last Dragon,” Guarriello played the lead character, Bruce Leroy, and O’Brien played his charismatic little brother, Richie.

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“I’m a fast healer — kind of a mutant,” he told the Daily News at the time.

“I’ve been told if this happened to someone else, they’d be dead.” The two began filming a short indie flick a month later, their first collaboration since the 1985 martial arts movie produced by Berry Gordy.

TMZ has learned Taimak Guarriello was arrested for felony domestic violence on April 25 in San Diego, after cops responded to a call at the alleged victim's home.

Cops tell us the woman claimed Taimak slapped her in the face and injured one of her thumbs.

“It was like , where everybody was dressed in those kung fu suits and the shoes, they were carrying on mock fights in the aisles, it was a lot like that scene in the movie,” he tells us. The rest of the story came from Venosta’s own multi-racial background, as he describes himself as “one of these guys who’s always floating on the periphery of all these cultural tribes.” That’s evident from the concept of a black man obsessed with Bruce Lee’s talents, philosophies, and style, as well as secondary characters like the three jive-talkin’ Chinese Sum Dum Goy employees, who spend their time on the street, lip-syncing to “Sukiyaki Hot Saki Sue.” “I was always very cognizant of the culture swapping that went on,” Venosta says.

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