who serena williams dating - Blind dating sex

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And I'll tell you, it felt pretty good to know all these complete strangers found me attractive, especially since at the time I was sitting in my apartment wearing my bathrobe and mismatched socks.Some of the responses were not exactly what I’d been hoping for: But overall, it was a success.Late victorian era owned by the government and adopted.

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I decided I’d start with the most vibrant and lively dating hub of them all — Craigslist.

After all, I’m a normal, smart, attractive girl using Craigslist to find a nice guy. I decided I would post a personals ad offering a one-hour date with me, put up a real picture, reply to the first normal-seeming men, and go out on some completely blind dates.

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See, if the babysitter had agreed to this date, we immediately would’ve jumped on Facebook to scope her out, nulling and voiding the “blind” portion of said blind date.

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