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Toraja became suddenly internationally associated with this idea of the ‘walking dead’ and zombies.”Many Torajans relate that in the past, powerful ritual practitioners could make a corpse walk on its own.

This practice is not done anymore, according to many Torajans, because it is a kind of magic that is not appropriate for modern Christians, and the majority of Torajans identify as Protestant Christians today.

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“I try to look pretty, eat pretty, and eat a lot of delicious food,” she says.

The Diva’s show is part cooking program, part virtual community. ’) As a sign of appreciation, they send "balloons," a digital currency that can be converted to cash. Park is at the leading edge of South Korea's burgeoning , or 'broadcast eating' fad.

After further deliberation, the Covenant College Indonesia Task Force determined that exchange programs, faculty assistance, and other informal partnerships would allow more flexible opportunities for collaboration. Jim Drexler ’79 moved to Indonesia, on loan from Covenant, to serve as the president of the new teachers college, bringing a Covenant perspective to their programs.

Alongside various institutional collaborations with ITC at UPH, several Covenant College alumni are pouring their lives into the work God is doing through the educational initiatives of YPPH in Indonesia—both at ITC and beyond.

I must say, I wasn't expecting much going into GIRL HOUSE. I've only watched a handful of films that I feel are without fault. The biggest problem with the film ironically is how little sex, nudity or even slashing there actually is.

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