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“Softly call the Muster, let comrade answer ‘Here’…” Please join us for the 2017 Fort Worth/Tarrant County Muster as we honor our fallen Aggies who have passed away this past year.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Syria has reached an agreement with ally Russia to secure much-needed fuel as a delegation of ministers sent by President Bashar al-Assad asked Moscow to help alleviate the effects of sanctions on the war-torn country.

The trip was a rare foreign visit made by high-level Syrian officials, whose circles of support are shrinking as violence mounts between rebel fighters and forces loyal to Assad, who the West and Arab countries say must leave power.

Jamil, who studied at Moscow State University during the Soviet era and speaks fluent Russian, also said Syria had asked for credit from Russia and that the size and terms of any loan would be decided "within weeks".

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