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At the moment, more than 500 feeds from the UK, as well as footage from over 250 countries worldwide, are being shared online. Connecting your computer to the internet immediately opens you up to the world of the hacker.

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“All of these people were completely unaware that I was spying on them, thousands of miles away, through devices that were inadvertently broadcasting their private lives on the Internet.” The feeds are collected on a website called Insecam, which uses computer software to troll the Internet for signals from security cameras and the like. And one crib containing a blissfully snoozing toddler.” Jackson said, however, what Insecam’s designers have done “falls ever so slightly outside the realm of hacking.” “Instead, its robot is simply coming through an unlocked back door.

The intercepted cameras are using the pre-programmed security codes installed by the manufacturers and left unchanged by the consumers. Keeping it out of our business is up to us.” He continued: “The timing for understanding this could not be better.

Default user names such as “admin” and passwords such as “12345” can easily be broken. The season ahead is, of cource, rich with traditions, not the least of which is this: In our haste to get gifts assembled and running, we – and I am speaking as a been-there-done-that dad – will skip details in the owner’s manual that seem incidental to the operation of the gizmo at hand.” But he warned that manufacturers’ default user names and passwords follow simple patterns, making the system vulnerable. And it’s not just because you don’t want Russian thugs watching your teens play video games,” he continued.

Techcrunch reports it investigated the feeds and found many dead, likely because the owner had changed the security codes after discovering the camera had been tapped by Insecam. “There’s lots of stuff you can skip over the holidays, but changing the password on your new DIY surveillance system isn’t one of them.

A lot of people leave it as the default and it's not too difficult to look things up, or try a number of passwords to gain access to a home network. WPA2 encryption is important, as is turning off SSID to prevent the name of your router being broadcast to anyone in range.

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