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There are a lot of decent men and women out there who, like me, are looking for people who are attractive, cultured, fun and not self-absorbed. You can blame fate and destiny for the fact you’ve never bumped into them, you can blame your mother or father for ruining your childhood and turning you into someone who always strives for bigger and better, but the truth is very simple: without the right dating scene, you will never meet the right people.

The two dogs managed to stumble through the tricky world of modern dating to find each other, using Facebook to make a connection.

Two-year-old Jack Russell, Crumble, had been searching for a partner for a while when her owners, Hester and Kate, decided to put a dating advert on Facebook to help the dog track down her soulmate.

However, there are a few things we need to talk about. This includes wishing people a very happy birthday and a year of love and prosperity, on your own wall. Your child may have once made the grave mistake of letting slip that they found baby apes cute. You've ensured that any ape clip in existence has 'found itself' on their wall..not your own. *Mum shares this*On the same level is excessive liking and commenting on every one of your offspring's Facebook photos.

Not only have they coupled up, they’ve just welcomed puppies.

Here are our favourites: Sure, most of our Facebook newsfeeds turned into a live commentary of the events leading up to Donald Trump being elected as the new US President, but not everyone was buying into the hype.

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