Who is dating princeton from mindless behavior

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* he said while laughing* me: let's go upstairs its getting cold Jacob: okay ::: Jacob's P. V::: She's so beautiful, and her body is banging! me: l know that this is kinda weird, but will you be my number one girl? me: yeah l know, lets not make it happen to Victoria Victoria: what about when you're going to travel..?

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He was never with Koketso whoever she is, that was all paparizzi drama the same thing happened saying Princeton is going out with Zonnique .

But its not true actually Princeton hasn't went out with anyone at all yet .

l called Bella to come quickly, after 15 minutes she came and we both joined the boys. all of them looked at me and greeted me and Bella, we were swimming and then Princeton swam to me Princeton: l like your bikini *he said with a smirk* Me: me too!

its purple, my favourite colour Princeton: Ray Ray's favourite colour is purple Me: yeah l know *l said while smiling* after lve realised Princeton went to the rest and showed a body movement with his hands,and lve realised why he likes my bikini, naughty Prince!

Imitation (from Latin imitatio, a copying, imitation ) is an advanced behavior whereby an individual observes and replicates another s behavior.

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