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In the late 1990s, nuclear power plants contributed around 25% of total annual electricity generation in the UK, but this has gradually declined as old plants have been shut down and ageing-related problems affect plant availability.Total capacity at the end of 2014 was 97 GWe (according to International Energy Agency data).Introduces New Advanced Design of ICM's Selective Milling Technology — 03/16/2017 RFA and TRANSCAER to Host Three "Train The Trainer" Webinar Training Opportunities — 03/15/2017 European Commission Sees Strategic Advantage of Encouraging Biofuels in Aviation Industry — 03/15/2017 Renewable Fuels Association Commends Trump Administration For Recalling Federal Fuel Economy Rules and Allowing For More Comprehensive Approach — 03/15/2017 Three Ethanol Tankers Derail and Leak Into Creek Near Graettinger, IA — 03/15/2017 Iowa Renewable Fuels Association IA E85 Wholesale Price Listing — 03/14/2017 Editorial: Don't Change Compliance Rules on Renewable Fuel Standard — 03/14/2017 Growth Energy Commends Race Trac in Baton Rouge, LA For Offering E15 Blended Fuel — 03/14/2017 National Farmers Union Calls For EPA to Open Market For Higher Ethanol Blends — 03/14/2017 Editorial: Changing RFS Point of Obligation Would Be Making a Deal With The Devil — 03/14/2017 Growth Energy Files Comments and Exhibits to Canada's Ministry of The Environment and Climate Change — 03/14/2017 Vietnam Government Revives Biofuels Strategy; Plans National Switch in 2018 — 03/13/2017 Dispute Over Renewable Fuel Standard Policies Becomes Political — 03/13/2017 Train Carrying Ethanol Derails and Catches Fire Near Graettinger, IA — 03/13/2017 U. Ethanol Producers Concerned About Possible Change in Renewable Fuel Standard — 03/13/2017 Allies of EPA Head Pruitt Lobby Policymakers on Renewable Fuel Standard — 03/13/2017 Growth Energy Commends New ASTM High-Octane Fuel Standard Publication — 03/13/2017 NE Corn and Ethanol Industry Leaders Optimistic About Federal Biofuels Support — 03/13/2017 Analysis of Ethanol Production by State and IA Ethanol Crush Margins — 03/10/2017 Renewable Fuels Association, TRANSCAER and Montana Rail LInk to Host Free Ethanol Safety Seminars — 03/10/2017 American Coalition For Ethanol Commends Members of Congress For Introducing RVP Waiver Extension Legislation — 03/09/2017 SD Sen.

Solar was the big winner, with installations more than doubling the initial expectations.

India also hit two major milestones: total installed wind capacity reached 25 gigawatts and for the first time, new solar additions were on par with new wind.

April 2016: A small but growing number of once-skeptical Republicans is embracing wind and solar energy as renewables add plentiful jobs in states like North Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

Several factors are behind the conservative surge toward renewables.

Owners of 1 in 10 mortgages owe more than their houses are worth, and many just walk away.

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