Rp chats naughty

by  |  15-Jul-2017 19:17

Armed with a hit-list of bears that have wronged him, Naughty is going to make them pay, one by one.

Rp chats naughty-2

The Cordyceps Brain Infection has wiped out 75% of humanity - turning them into vicious, aggressive monsters that antagonize the world around them.

You are a survivor of the infection - born into the post-apocalyptic world, your only link to a world that no longer exists are relics from a world that was once taken for granted.

How you survive is up to you - but one thing is for sure - the best way to keep going is to have something to fight for.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to The Last of Us RP!

He picks up his own glass and makes his way to your end of the bar.

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