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Kristy: “I try not to have regrets, but I believe that everything happens for a reason.I did end up getting another horse that filled the gap where Montana was when I sold him.During this time, Kristy Lee performed for two years at Cowboy's nightclub in Arlington, Texas, singing eight songs per night with the band Six Shooter.

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A series of mediocre performances finally caught up to Kristy Lee Cook last night, as the pretty American Idol contestant with a disdain for Simon Cowell was voted off the show.

Cowell was a constant thorn in Cook's side, telling her on Tuesday night "you didn't give me chills," but "you managed with what you could."Who's on easy street and who's on the chopping block tonight?

I'm just happy that I get the chance to really be me as an artist." Originally from Selma, Oregon, a small town that once hosted some of John Wayne's stallions, Cook is known for her skills on horseback as well as the microphone — she's a barrel racer and a deft hunter, all talents that would certainly classify one as, well, a cowgirl.

But this song is a bit more about female empowerment than cow-roping — she's "camo" and "ammo," showing up in jeans a baseball cap, the one doing the fishing, not taking the bait.

She's going to drive the thing herself, full-throttle.

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